Ruby on Rails DeCal

UC Berkeley - Spring 2018

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The Rails DeCal is a 2-unit class for students who want to learn how to create complex, dynamic websites.

The class time is Thursday, 6:30PM - 8:00PM at 306 Soda for Spring 2018. Instructors: Nhi Quach & Ken Chen


About Nhi

Hi, I'm Nhi! I'm a fourth year Computer Science student at Cal. I enjoy exploring new places to eat, traveling, cooking and watching unhealthy amounts of YouTube. I'm also a TA for Data 100 so feel free to ask me any questions about that!

About Ken

Hi , I’m Ken. I’m a junior CS student interested in using technology to improve medicine and medical administration. I also love to cook, and someday when I’ve got my act together I want to go hang gliding and skydiving.

Teaching Assistants


Claire Lin

Hi, I’m Claire. I’m a freshman CS student here at Cal. I’m passionate about front-end design and am a big fan of Tetris.

Ethan Lee

Hi! I'm Ethan - web developer and computer science-hopeful with a penchant for podcasts, design, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Ask me about any of the above and how I feel about my buddy Ken Chen.

Kelly Yen

Hi, I'm Kelly. I am a 4th year CS major here at Cal. I enjoy dancing, traveling, playing puzzle games, and crafting. Come to my office hours and let's be friends so I can stop bothering my roommates!

Sonia Yang

Hi, I’m Sonia! I graduated from Berkeley in December so I’m currently spending my last semester in Berkeley, working part time, playing with dogs, reading, traveling, and trying out new things.

Wilson Wang

Hi everyone, I’m Wilson! A huge passion of mine is martial arts, which I’ve been doing for almost 14 years. I also love landscape photography, traveling, and football (huge 49ers fan, we can talk for hours XD).

Helen Che

Hi, I'm Helen! I’m currently a fourth year majoring in computer science. Outside of coding, I enjoy rock climbing, board games, and cooking/eating just about everything.

Schedule (subject to change)

  • Week 1

    Overview of the course and what you can expect. Work time will be setting up your environment.

  • Week 2

    Make a static home page and learn basic Ruby syntax.

  • Week 3

    Learn how to represent objects, use Active Record, and make your queries really fast!

  • More!

    You'll just have to take the course to find out!