Why should you take this class?

Learn Web Development

Web development is a skill that is in high demand. The Rails DeCal will teach you the skills to create dynamic web applications for any purpose. Why learn the Ruby on Rails framework? By the time you finish reading this paragraph you can write and deploy a website using Rails. It is also backed by a vibrant community and it's very popular in the industry, for example GitHub, LivingSocial, Hulu, and Groupon all use Rails to build web applications.

Learn with a Team

Have fun learning Rails with a team! In the Ruby on Rails DeCal you will be working in a small group to turn any of your ideas for a webapp into reality. To collaborate, we will be teaching you Git, a powerful tool for version control that is heavily used in the industry. You will be pushing your project onto Github so anyone can see your new web development skills.

Get Your Dream Internship

The skills that you learn in this class are directly applicable to industry. After taking this class, you'll have projects that you can proudly display on your resume and you'll be able to ace web development interview questions. You'll also have extensive knowledge of a popular web framework allowing you to take what you've learned and create even more projects!

Make Side Projects

Building things is fun. With this class, you'll be able to create and scaffold any idea you can think of. Companies love seeing side projects on your resume and this class will give you the skills necessary to deploy those ideas onto the web.

Are you qualified?

We invite anyone from any major who has an interest in web development to take this class. We are asking that you have taken CS61A or an equivalent course. However, this is not a hard prerequisite. The only reason there is a prerequisite for CS61A is because we expect you to be able to run commands using the Terminal (something you learn throughout the class in CS61A). In addition, we're only planning on spending one lecture on basic Ruby syntax (because most of it is like Python and you can learn most of it as you go along). We are considering people who have not taken CS61A if they demonstrate that they have both of these characteristics. If you have any questions about whether or not you'll be ready for this course, please email us here.

Ready to take the next step?